About cats infrastructure pipeline


CATS - the Central Area Transmission System – is a natural gas transportation and processing system that transports gas through a 404 kilometre (250 mile) 36 inch diameter subsea pipeline from the Central North Sea to a reception and processing terminal at Teesside in the North East of England.


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36’’diameter, 404 kilometres

The 36” diameter pipeline runs along the seabed from the riser platform to a landfall at Coatham Sands, Teesside – a distance of 404 kilometres (250 miles). From this point, the line runs via a Beach Valve Station to the CATS terminal at Seal Sands, 8 kilometres (5 miles) away.

The outside of the pipe is coated in concrete which gives added protection and also ensures that it remains firmly on the ocean bed while the gas is in transit. The inside of the pipe is lined with an epoxy film, which reduces friction and corrosion, thus maximising its capacity and prolonging the life of the pipeline.


There are six connection points, known as ‘tees’, spaced at intervals along the pipeline. Customers can connect directly to CATS at any one of these subsea tees or at the riser platform.

Customers can also connect to CATS via one of the existing hubs (Andrew, Armada, Banff, ETAP, Everest, Huntington, J- Block, Lomond, MonArb, Stella), or Culzean, which is a future hub, subject to agreeing terms and conditions with the hub owners. 

Connections can be made while gas is flowing which means that CATS can provide an uninterrupted service for existing customers while accommodating those who are connecting to CATS for the first time.