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The CATS pipeline has six subsea tees. Entry to the CATS system can be offered via a flanged entry point at one of the subsea tees, at the CATS riser platform, or via one of the existing CATS hubs subject to agreement with the hub owner.

Details of the typical gas entry specification and product specifications for CATS can be downloaded here.

Legal and Regulatory

Prior to entry works commencing, all appropriate regulatory, HSE and legal requirements must be met. The minimum requirements are summarised as follows:


DECC Works Authorisation for the installation: this will include all associated consents and permits, both for the new third party pipeline connecting to CATS and any agreed modifications to the CATS system.

- Compliance with BS8010 (or equivalent e.g. DNV2000) design and construction requirements
- Compliance with all other WGPSN requirements pertaining to the safety of construction operations on the CATS pipeline and other associated CATS assets


Agreement between all Shippers:

  • Cross User Liability Agreements, defining system user liabilities 

Agreements between CATS Parties and individual Shippers:

  • Transportation Allocation Agreement
  • Processing Allocation Agreement
  • Cross Indemnity Deed

Agreements between CATS Parties and individual Shippers:

  • Transportation and Processing Agreement
  • Use of the CATS Riser Platform Agreement (if entering CATS at the CATS Riser Platform)
  • Engineering Services Agreement

Agreement between CATS Parties, Shippers and Host Platform Owners:

  • Shipper User Agreement