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The CATS Standard Terms set forth certain indicative commercial terms upon which the CATS Parties are prepared, subject to the approval of their respective Boards of Directors, to negotiate with the Owners of the Gas (the ‘Shippers’) with a view to reaching terms for the transportation and processing by CATS of the gas which are acceptable to both Parties.

It is not intended to be an offer capable of acceptance or to create, nor shall it create, any legally binding arrangement or obligation and matters shall remain on a subject-to- contract basis unless and until legally binding agreements are executed. Any discussions on these non-binding terms will be on the understanding that any negotiations and eventual agreement will need to satisfy all regulatory and legal requirements. When agreed, these commercial terms will be embodied in a fully-termed transportation and processing agreement.

CATS Parties may revise, update or replace any or all of the following terms from time to time.

Additionally the CATS System offers a number of key benefits to potential customers. These include:-

  • Excellent availability (average of 99.3% over the last 5 years)
  • Customer focus - the system offers attractive and competitive services to Customers’ fields
  • Access to low NTS Entry Charge - attractive differential NTS charge between Teesside and St Fergus
  • Contaminants removal service available
  • Excellent safety and environmental record, including British Safety Council 5 Star Health and Safety Awards (7 years running) and the Tees Valley Business Environmental Award (2004)

The CATS Parties unanimously support the Infrastructure Code of Practice and the Commercial Code of Conduct and are committed to supporting the development of fields in the North Sea.

Prospective Shippers, who are interested in receiving terms and conditions specific to their development should apply in writing to the CATS Commercial Team at the address given in the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website. This application should provide information regarding the services requested, and should include gas profiles, gas specification and amount of capacity required.

Following receipt of such an application, provided that the application is a bona fide request for provision of terms for transportation and processing services, and provided that there is sufficient relevant information supplied, we would anticipate responding within ten working days.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with all prospective customers.


The CATS Standard Transportation and Processing Agreement is based around two key components:

(i) Section I - Form of Agreement (Specific Terms)

Each new field is different and sometimes requires an individual commercial solution depending on the nature of service required. We have grouped together the key commercial terms that may vary from field to field, into a simple streamlined document that can be negotiated and drafted simply and quickly.

(ii) Section II - Conditions of Contract (General Terms)

The CATS System is a large integrated gas transportation and processing system which offers its transportation and/or processing services to a number of Shippers. Based on our experience and our varying commitments this Agreement details the general terms conditions and procedures, applicable to all Shippers, that have been developed over time to ensure the safe, efficient and sustainable operation and management of the CATS System. A copy of the CATS Standard Section II - Conditions of Contract for the Transportation and Processing Agreement can be found here.


Indicative Terms and Conditions for the processing of Gas by CATS are available by contacting CATS Management Limited



The CATS Partners have developed indicative Small Fields terms, including no send or pay and a flexible capacity booking mechanism, to enable prospective customers with small gas volumes to access the UK gas market through the CATS System. These terms have been designed specifically to meet the needs of new developments with total reserves of less than 50 mmboe and gas reserves of less than 10 mmboe and are currently available for new customers seeking a transportation and processing service and entering CATS via T1, T2, T5, the CATS Riser Platform or via an existing hub platform (subject to the necessary agreements with the appropriate field owners).